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January 23, 2015.

NOTE: If this week's numbers do not show up below, (DJIA closed at 17,672 as a check) please press the 'refresh' icon on your computer.

Economic Calendar

* Potential market movers.

  • Monday, Jan. 26:
    • PMI non-mfg Indx 9:45am
    • *Dallas Fed Indx 10:30am
    Tuesday, Jan. 27:
    • *Durable Gds Ordrs 8:30am
    • Case Shiller Home Prices 9
    • *New Home Sales 10 am
    • *Consumer Confdnc 10
    • Richmnd Fed Indx 10am
    Wednesday, Jan. 28:
    • *EIA Oil supplies 10:30am
    • *Fed FOMC anncmnt 2pm
    Thursday, Jan. 29:
    • *Jobless Claims 8:30am
    • *Pnding Home Sales 10am
    Friday, Jan. 30:
    • *4th quarter GDP 8:30am
    • *Chicago PMI 9:45 a.m.
    • *Consumer Sentimnt10

Timer Digest Rankings

1990: #2 Stock Market Timer in the U.S
1991: #2 Long Term Market Timer.
1992: #1 Gold Timer (Gold Timer of Year)
1992: #1 Gold Timer Two Year period.
1993: #1 Stock Mrkt Timer 3 Yr Period.
1994: #5 Gold Timer last 12 mo. May 16.
1998: #10 Stock Market Timer in U.S.
1999: #2 Bond Market Timer 12 mo. July.
1999: #4 Gold Timer last 12 mo. Sept.
1999: #3 Stock Market Timer 6 mo. Dec.
2000: #3 Stock Mrkt Timer last 6 mo. Jan.
2001: #3 Bond Timer last 12 mo. Sept.
2001: #7 Stock Market Timer for 2001.
2002: #3 Gold Timer last 12 mo. Mar.
2002: #3 Stock Market Timer 12 mos July

2003: #4 Stock Market Timer Aug.
2003: #1 Gold Timer last 12 mo. Sept.
2004: #2 Gold Timer last 12 mo. Feb.
2004: #9 Stock Market Timer 3 mo. May.
2004: #5 Bond Timer for 2004.
2005: #2 Gold Timer last 12 mo. Nov.
2006: #5 Bond Timer last 12 mo. Dec.
2008: #4 Stock Market Timer 6 mo. Sept.
2009: #9 Stock Market Timer 12 mo. Apr.
2010: #1 Gold Timer last 12 mo. Oct.
2011: #1 Bond Timer last 12 mo. Aug.
2011: #4 Long-Term Market-Timer. Dec.
2012: #1 Gold Timer (Gold Timer of Year).
2012: #2 Long-Term Market Timer.
2013: #1 Long-Term Market Timer. March.

Previous Corporate Hoarding Of Cash May Soon Become A Big Positive!

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Current Entry: Saturday, 12 noon. Provided every Tues., Thurs., and Saturday, and occasionally randomly in between. Postings of the technical condition of the market, investor sentiment, 'Interesting Charts', and Sy's opinions on the economy and markets, currently and looking ahead. Also available as an RSS feed!

Central Banks and Economic Reports Keep Bull Market Alive.
January 23, 2015.
At the age of 72 months the U.S. bull market may be long in the tooth. It may be very over-valued by several measurements. Plunging oil prices, threatening deflation, and weak global economies may be worrying economists. But the market remains within 2% of its all-time highs.

Gold Rally Has Technical And Fundamental Support.
January 16, 2015.
Technically, gold is rallying from a bullish rising double-bottom and has broken out above the resistance at its 20-week m.a. On the fundamentals, gold is traditionally a safe-haven in times of global currency uncertainties. We have had uncertainties for several months. They became alarming this week with the surprise move by Switzerland to lift its long-standing cap on its currency.  

The ECB Will Be a Big Factor in 2015's First Half.
January 9, 2015.
The euro-zone is sliding into recession. Pressure has been on the ECB for months to take action by providing stimulus. It says it will, but drags its feet. Markets will probably surge up if it finally acts at its Jan 22 meeting, but are likely to lose patience and plunge if it again fails to act.

Are We in Another 1990s Style Super Bull Market?
December 5, 2014.
This bull market has lasted 5.8 years. Could it be in another super bull market like the 1990's that lasts 9 or 10 years? There are similarities.

U.S. Treasury Bonds Are Outperforming S&P 500.
November 28, 2014.
It was a sure thing. With the Fed cutting back its massive QE bond-buying program this year, the price of bonds would plunge. Instead, they began rallying sharply in January, and have out-performed the stock market so far this year.

Still Lower Oil Prices Ahead.
November 14, 2014.
Money is pouring into oil-tracking etf's as investors believe the bottom is in for oil prices. Here's is why still lower prices are likely.

Don't Let Greed Lure You Into Scams!
October 31, 2014.
The market's favorable winter season has arrived. The market is breaking  out to new highs. Investor optimism and confidence are high. This is opportunity time not just for normal investing, but also high season for those perpetrating frauds on unwary but confident investors.


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