Swell Investing Promo Code 2020

Swell Investing Promo Codes

How to get a $50 Signup Bonus when using the Swell Investing app? That’s simple, just use our Swell Investing promo code.

Social responsibility it’s on the rise. Millennials like you and me taking action and stand for our environment and protect our nature.

The robo-investment service Swell is here to help us to archive our goals in one step.

Back in 2015 Swell was founded in California. The Los Angeles based company gives us the chance to start investing with as little as 50 Dollars.

Once you start investing with Swell, you invest your money in well-researched investment portfolios.

Swell Investing Promo Code – 100% Return with One Click

You may not believe it, but you can double your money right away by just using our Swell Investing promo code. When you open your account at Swell investing with the minimum amount of $50, then our promo code doubles your portfolio value right away.

Take action and enter the Swell, Investing pomo code when signing up. Swell takes care of the rest. You do not have to do anything more.

About Swell Investing

Based on Finra.org, Swell was founded already in November 2015. But the official launch was in 2016. Ever since they aim to help, us protecting our nature by investing in companies that are here to help to do so.

There are various portfolios available covering different SRI angles. The combination of socially responsible investing and doing something good for our word is the basic concept.

Swell’s fee structure is as simple as it could be. With just 0.75% yearly management fee, all costs are covered. No hidden fees, no markups, only the management fee.

Once you signed up, your account will be held with Folio Investments. It’s a registered broker-dealer, FINRA and SIPC registered.

As I mentioned, the fee is 0.75% per year. This is a bit more expensive like investments with robo advisors like TD Ameritrade. The reason is that Swells portfolio is based on dedicated stocks instead of ETF mix.

That makes it a bit more expensive to manage, but finally, the fee structure is fair and better as when you would invest in all those stocks on your behalf.

Starting with $50 and adding another free $50 right away seems to be the best deal. All you need is to use our Swell Investing promo code.

Updated: May 13, 2019
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